TechBravo’s White Label RTB Platform

TechBravo’s White Label RTB Platform – A Quick Way To Start Your AdExchange

March 15, 2020

Are you wondering “how do I set up my ad exchange platform”? Well, we understand where you are coming from. It has two perspectives – Technology perspective and business perspective. In this blog, we will be talking about the technology perspective.

There are three ways through which you can set up your ad exchange platform.

  • You can either build the entire platform or
  • purchase the software and put together your in-house team or
  • Get a White Label solution from a players like us

However, this is a huge step and one needs to have at least a long term commitment and address talent recruitment. There are other challenges like organizational buy-in, complex coordination of partner contracts and staff training and orientation etc.

One good solution is to go for a white label platform and customize it with your branding.

There are many benefits of choosing White label Ad Exchange. Getting a white label platform does not require big time and cost investments as it does to build your platform from scratch. It saves time, which can be channelized to boost your business instead. You can choose the most suitable ad exchange for your business and you only pay for expertise

And that’s what we offer at TechBravo. We offer a ready-to-use white label ad tech solution for digital ad industry players. Our white label RTB platform offers a wide range of features and targeting options across multiple screens along with multiple ad formats. Here are some of the features our platform offers:

White Label Solution
A completely customizable platform to suit your specific business needs. This is a professionally developed award-winning ad exchange and you can customize every aspect of this to suit your brand identity and rebrand it with your brand name.

Flexible Partner Integration
Integrate as many supply and demand partners as you need. It is easy, quick and hassle-free.

RTB Exchange
Our RTB Exchange opens up additional traffic for you within your budget. You can add multiple SSPs with just a few clicks without worrying about IT Infrastructure.

Niche Level Targeting Options
Target your audience on parameters like device type, O.S., carrier, location, IPs and many more.

Detailed Analytics
Get access to detailed analytics reports to track the performance and effectiveness of your demand and supply in real-time.

Automated Optimization
Automated optimization by our ML driven smart algorithms lets advertisers target to high relevance Ad inventory for the best results.

Ad Fraud Protection Mechanism
Weed out all the unscrupulous elements and keep your ad budgets safe with our standard ad fraud prevention mechanism.

Powered By Latest Technologies
We use Go Programming Language – Golang, Redis – In-Memory Database along with big-data infrastructure to enable us to process 000’s of QPS.
Let us help you to Jump-start your Ad Exchange.
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