OwnAdX expands offerings and revamp to TechBravo

OwnAdX expands offerings and revamp to TechBravo

February 25, 2020

OwnAdX started out with a specific purpose of providing a professionally developed ready-to-use white label ad exchange which provides transparent, brand-safe, and scalable ad tech solutions. However, as we expanded our offerings from just an Ad Exchange added OwnDSP and OwnSSP in our offering, we reached the cusp of transforming and evolving into a new brand – TechBravo.

We understand that ad industry players might not always have the time and resources to build an entire ad tech stack right from scratch. However, they do need to have a platform that addresses their need to connect advertising demand to the available ad inventory supply.

As earlier we have started our journey from a White Label Ad Exchange now in our portfolio we have a White Label OwnDSP and White Label OwnSSP offerings as well.

At TechBravo, we’re continually looking to improve, upgrade and transform our offerings to serve the evolving needs of our customers more effectively and efficiently. We are also looking to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our products.

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